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Ashlyn Seay


I grew up very involved in church. Anytime church was having a service or event, we were there. I was in the children's church and children's choir. I went to AWANA and VBS. I memorized Scripture each week.

I was around 7 years old when I began being curious about who Jesus was, so I asked my mom what it meant to be saved. She walked me through the gospel and I prayed to God for salvation. I went through a class with our children's director to understand more clearly what sin was, how it separated us from God, and how we needed Jesus to have a relationship with God. We walked through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and the significance of his resurrection for us. Afterward, I was baptized at my childhood church home, Lexington Baptist Church. I continued to go to church and live my life trying to obey and understand the Bible as best I could. Throughout my childhood, and into my teenage years, I was very involved in church. It played an important role in who I am and in my upbringing. It helped me through various trials in my life, including my parent's divorce when I was 10. It brought many friendships and relationships that I still have today.

I have always been a people-pleaser. I struggled with legalism throughout my middle and high school years. I was always concerned with doing and believing the right thing. As I went into high school, I started hanging out with a group of friends who were not believers and I could feel the toll that it was taking on me and my walk with the Lord. It was at a spring break camp my sophomore year that I felt the Holy Spirit convicting me of not living my life as I had committed to years ago. It was then that I felt the Lord truly reveal to me the truth of His grace and mercy to us through His Son. I started spending more time in the Word and prayer to more clearly understand God and live my life in obedience to Him. I went on my first mission trip the summer after high school. It was also during that summer that my dad was diagnosed as an alcoholic. I spent my 18th birthday visiting him in rehab. I wrestled with many emotions that summer, but through it all, I could see the Lord's faithfulness and goodness throughout. It was through that trial that the Lord molded me. He used that situation to call me closer to Himself and as a way for me to witness to others and glorify His name.

Danny and I first came to CFNW (then it was TCBR) in October 2017. We felt the Lord calling us away from our other church to be a part of a church plant and to a congregation that was closer to the community we lived in. We joined TCBR in February of 2018 and have been faithful members since. We have developed many friendships through CFNW and have served in many different capacities. I currently serve on the CF Kids team and the Communications team. We are part of the Thomas MC. CFNW has served us in countless ways. Danny has been shaped by the pastors here and has ultimately been called to be a pastor himself. I have grown in my understanding of Scripture. I am thankful for CFNW because of the way that it has helped shape our spiritual lives, how its people have loved on my kids, and for the community that has surrounded me throughout our years at CFNW.

Ashlyn Seay
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