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Danielle Webster


Raised in a devout Catholic family, I was taught about the trinity, the sufficient sacrifice of Jesus, and the need for sinners to repent. I knew that I was a sinner, that God sent Jesus to die for my sins and that Jesus rose to defeat death, but these truthsdid not sink in until the full message of gospel was shared with me in my late twenties.

When I was 26 and dating Mike, three men from a church he and I had visited came to our apartment and shared scriptures that challenged my beliefs about salvation. I had then hoped to be good enough to please God and enter into his kingdom. I learned that Jesus’ sacrifice covered all my sins, those past, present, and future. I also learned that I contributed nothing to this salvation because it was God’s perfect gift. Since the men were less than gentle and did not resolve their delivery of the gospel message, I was left crying and upset after their visit. But God used the men to stir my heart and the conversation continued between Mike and me in the apartment. Mike had been raised in the church and knew Scripture very well but had not yet become a believer. The Holy Spirit used Mike and his biblical knowledge to clarify the gospel message. My eyes were opened to the fact that I had nothing to bring to the cross, and it was only Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection that would save me. My heart was changed from one striving to one repenting and desiring to follow the Lord with all my life. After that, I moved out of the apartment Mike and I shared, and the Lord provided all the finances for me to do so until we were married. I was soon baptized at our church in Maryland.

​I began attending CFNW about three and a half years ago. Mike and I joined because we believed CFNW was a church that taught the scriptures rightly and we felt called and gifted to help with the efforts of the church plant. I currently serve with my husband as Missional Community leaders and help with kids in the nursery. CFNW has served me in deepening my knowledge of biblical truths about God. I am thankful to walk alongside other believers who will wrestle with sometimes-hard truths and bear with one another in love. I am grateful for friendships that are grounded in Christ.

Danielle Webster
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