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David Russo


My parents were saved later in life, after having kids. They were never discipled, so they learned as they went what it meant to be a Christian. We attended several Catholic and Pentecostal churches, but never a true Bible-believing church. As my mom grew “closer to God”, she became more legalistic in how we were raised. My dad also abdicated his roll as leader. Though their intentions were what they thought was best, it produced a skewed reality of God and who He was. I wasn’t modeled what a true follower of Christ looked like.

As I became an adult, and eventually married, I wanted to go to a more grounded church. We found a good Bible-believing church, but I was still set in my warped view of God and Christ. My theology was wrong. Looking back, I wasn’t sure I was a Christian. I believed that my kingdom was what I should live for. My wife, kids, business, and money were all about me. I was in charge, and not the Lord.

As with most controlling and legalistic fathers/husbands, I created a home that was filled with anger, hurt, and emotional abuse. My wife eventually wanted a separation, and then a divorce. My kids were hurt and did not want to be around me. My business suffered, and my finances were drained. Everything I lived for was being stripped away. Sometimes God strips away the idols we make in order to reach our hearts. I am so glad he did. There can’t be two kingdoms. It’s His and His alone.

During this time, former pastor Ted Richard befriended me. He listened to my story about what I had done to my family. And even though he didn’t know me and I wasn’t going to his church, he decided to walk alongside me. We began to meet weekly. He discipled me and encouraged me through my separation and divorce. He counseled me to continue to grow in the Lord and reconcile with my ex wife.

After meeting with Ted for several months, I finally decided to attend CFNW. I am glad I did. It got me through the most difficult time in my life and helped me to truly become a Christian. I believe I was saved during this time. Though my wife and I didn’t reconcile, God has allowed the relationship with my children to slowly heal. I am continuing to learn and grow in what it means to be a follower of Christ, a good husband, and a good father. I now serve at CFNW on the safety team and CF kids. I currently attend the Thomas’s MC. I am so thankful that God brought me to this church and inspired men to come alongside me and get their hands dirty. I look forward to doing the same for other men.

David Russo
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