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Hayden Barrett


I was raised by a wonderful and loving family. My mother and father are faithful believers. However, growing up, we were not consistent in our church attendance and prioritized baseball over involvement in the local church. When I started high school, my family began to attend a local Church of God. Before long, we went to a Baptist church to grow deeper with community members.

In my junior year of high school, the Lord revealed the sin in my heart and my desperate need for a Savior. God put men in my life that poured into me at a young age. In my senior year of high school, God planted the desire to be in the ministry. I did not know what that would look like, but I knew I desired to teach and preach the Word of God. God put a desire in my heart to know Him deeply and share Him with anyone around me. Thinking about the people who shared the gospel with me, four names come to mind. Evans Capps was the one who pursued me during my time in high school. We became close friends, and God used him to bring me to salvation. Matthew Purvis became my youth pastor the summer of my junior year, and he walked alongside me as I sought after my calling to ministry. Daniel Barta was the youth pastor when I came to Forestville, and he was the first person to invite me to a bible study. Daniel met weekly with two hard-headed immature teenagers. His patience with me has been significant in my coming to Christ. My father, Scott Barrett, is a faithful example of the power of Christ to change people. I woke up every morning to him singing hymns and reading scripture. Those memories will forever be in my mind as the example one should be in Christ.

I started attending Christ Fellowship Northwest in June 2019. I enjoyed the value of the Word of God and how they would go through a book of the Bible line by line. I believed they would value the local church and seek to build leaders. Right now, I serve in guest services. I am a part of the Barta Missional Community Group. Thinking through my short life, Christ Fellowship Northwest has been one of the greatest gifts the Lord has ever given me. CFNW has been incredibly patient with me as I grow in maturity and knowledge of the Lord. In my time at the church, I have never gone without some form of a faithful mentor. Christ Fellowship is where I went as I started college, where I met my wonderful wife, where I married my wife, and where I am starting my family with the birth of our son. Christ Fellowship Northwest is full of members who love each other well; we are incredibly thankful for this!

Hayden Barrett
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