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Lindsay Thomas


My parents and I were very involved in our local Baptist church growing up. My father was a deacon and my mother served on the kid's ministry team, and we were there every Wednesday and twice on Sundays. Looking back on my childhood, I am very thankful for the godly example that my parents set for me. They showed me what it looked like to be a faithful follower of Jesus and were very influential in my decision to follow Christ. I became a Christian very young, probably before I understood what it meant to be saved. I may not have fully understood my decision at first, but by age 12 I remember growing in my appreciation of the work of Jesus in my heart and I decided to talk to my youth pastor about making an official commitment of faith. We talked and prayed together, and soon after I decided to get baptized again. As an adult, the exact moment of my salvation has become less important to me than my assurance and knowledge that Jesus did transform my heart and mind, and I have been growing in my relationship with him ever since.

As I matured into my college/adult years, I began to visit several different churches but never really settled on one until I married my husband, Jared. We moved to New Orleans where he was attending seminary, joined a church, and had a wonderful experience there. The church loved us so well through life as newlyweds and the birth of our first two children. They would often bring us meals and encourage us in so many different ways, we are so thankful for our time in NOLA.

Eventually, we decided to move back to South Carolina, and after several months of searching, we landed at the Church at Cherrydale. We loved our time there as well but felt that the Lord was calling us to join their church plant that was being sent out to the Blue Ridge area. We decided to join the initial planting team, and we still remember the days of just 15-20 of us meeting at Pastor Robert’s house. It has been truly incredible to watch our church grow, and we are so grateful to be a part of the CFNW body. We now lead an MC group, Jared is serving as an elder, and I help with the kid's team. We have been able to form so many special friendships, and the church has loved us so well through the addition of our two youngest children to our family. We love our church family!

Lindsay Thomas
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