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Mary Crump


I was raised in a household that was centered around the gospel. I am forever grateful for my parents who loved Christ first and displayed him daily to my brother and me, being loving and caring. My mother was actively involved with children's ministry my whole childhood, and my father has pastored the same Sothern Baptist Church in Florence SC for 24 years. With that being said, I grew up in the same church surrounded by the same constant and familiar community from birth to college. On one Wednesday night at Vacation Bible School, my father had just finished sharing the resurrection story. Though I was only 8 years old, I knew I was a sinner in need of a savior. I am so thankful for Mrs. Gay Cook who sat down with me and answered all the questions I had that night as the Lord called me to himself. After a few weeks, I made my faith public and was baptized by my father at our home church in Florence SC.

Leaving home and entering college, I had to go through the "church-hunting" process for the first time. I am thankful that I had great connections to help me find community at a local church, which allowed me to get pulled in and to serve. While attending North Greenville University, I met Strib, who was also attending the same local church, and our relationship began. However, a few months later, we began the church-hunting process again, and I am grateful that God led us here to Christ Fellowship Northwest.

We began attending Christ Fellowship Northwest in the summer of 2019. When looking for a church, Christ Fellowship stood out due to the close-knit community and the many opportunities to serve within the church. Now, as I look back on this season of adulthood, I can see that the Lord used that season of finding a church body to grow my trust in Him. He deepened my knowledge of him and his word and instilled in me the importance of finding a community of believers to live life with. I am thankful for the opportunities to serve our church by helping on the Guest Services team as well as teaching and caring for our children in CF Kids. Strib and I are thankful to be leading a Missional Community group within our church. Being a part of a Christ Fellowship has allowed us to create a community that has loved on us through deaths of family members, encouraged and supported us in the first two years of marriage, and been by our side even if we are just simply having a bad day. I am forever grateful for the work the Lord is doing and will continue to do here at Christ Fellowship Northwest.

Mary Crump
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