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Morgan Moss


Growing up, I was incredibly blessed to have been raised in the church. I grew up in McDonough, Georgia, and attended Eagles Landing First Baptist Church from birth through college. My uncle was my pastor, and my mother was the preschool children's minister. My grandparents were also faithful servants, and most of what I learned about God and how to be a Christ-follower came from them. Being raised in the church, I was exposed to the gospel from a very young age. My parents told me that I came to know Christ at 5 years old and was baptized then, but I don't really remember that. When I was about 11 years old, in my Sunday-school class, I remember really feeling the weight of my sin and the desire to follow Christ with my life. I continued to grow in the faith throughout my teenage years. It was at North Greenville, when I felt burdened by God to make a public profession of faith in baptism, so I was baptized in 2008 at my home church in GA by my uncle.

During my time in college at North Greenville, I regularly attended Greer First Baptist, eventually with Randall as we started dating. That season at North Greenville was one of great spiritual growth, and I am extremely grateful for it. After Randall and I got married, we moved back to GA to attend school and got involved in a very small, traditional Baptist church, which was so different from what I was used to, but I loved it. We are still close friends with our pastor from there. However, we felt like we were in a spiritual rut and that the city we lived in was spiritually dark. Our newlywed life was one of great change for us as I quit medical school and we moved back to South Carolina (with a one-year-old and two-week-old!), so that Randall could teach at NGU. I'm so grateful that God so quickly brought us to CF Northwest, then called The Church at Blue Ridge. We instantly felt spiritually refreshed, and the people here became our family. They have walked with us through very difficult times, including our daughter being diagnosed with ovarian cancer at nine months old. Through it all, God has proven Himself faithful and has always provided for our needs.

We have attended CFNW from the beginning. We knew we wanted to attend church in the community we lived in, so when we heard that CF Cherrydale was planting in Blue Ridge, we were all in. CFNW has blessed our family so much by providing gospel-centered teaching and a supportive church family. We love serving as MC leaders in the Blue Ridge area. God even called Randall to be an elder here, and for that we are so grateful. I also love working in CF kids and helping our vast-growing population of children to know and experience God's love and truth in their lives.

Morgan Moss
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