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Stay Connected This Summer

Here are several ways we hope you will stay connected to church community this summer.

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Summer Suppers

Rather than meeting in our separate Missional Communities for Family Meals, we want to make fellowship a little easier during the summer by providing four Summer Suppers.


June 9 & 23; July 14 & 28.

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Runners Camp 2024

We are looking forward to our largest Runners Camp ever with well over 225 campers.  We could use your help!  Please sign up to participate in one of our various volunteer roles!

Commit to a Cell Group and Meet Regularly

In addition to the sermons and the CG Journal, we encourage you to choose one of our recommended resources. You can study these alone or with your Cell Group. Each Group will go at their own pace with any resource they choose. 

You can order the book through the church to save a little bit of money.

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Enjoy Your Family & Friends

As a church we will slow down in the month of July.  We hope you will take the additional time not only in July but in June as well to enjoy the people God has put closest to you - your family and friends.  God's creation is good.  It's not only ok but it is right and good to slow down enough to enjoy!

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