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Cell Group (CG)

Our disciplined effort to speak the truth one to another in the hope that the church may be brought to maturity.

God brings the church to maturity as the members speak the truth to one another. It is our hope that your time spent listening to the sermons, engaging the provided resources, and studying the Scripture on your own will equip and prepare you to regularly gather with other believers (Cell Group) to discuss what God is showing and teaching you.

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 Sermon Schedule

May 12 | Matthew 18:1-20

May 19 | Matthew 18:21-35

May 26 | Matthew 19:1-15

June 2 | Matthew 19:16-30

June 9 | Matthew 20:1-16

June 16 | Matthew 20:17-34

June 23 | Matthew 21:1-11

June 30 | Matthew 21:12-22

July 7 | Matthew 21:23-46

June 14 | Matthew 22:1-14

July 21 | Matthew 22:15-46

The CG Journal

Each week the journal provides the upcoming sermon text with room to take notes, prompts to help you understand and apply the text, and a guide to help you prepare to discuss the text with others. The journal also provides space for sermon notes.

Additional Resource

In addition to the sermons and the CG Journal, we encourage you to choose one of our recommended resources. You can study these alone or with your Cell Group. Each Group will go at their own pace with any resource they choose. 

You can order the book through the church to save a little bit of money.

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