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Gavin Ballew


Living with my grandmother as a child, I attended many small churches. We moved churches every few years up until middle school when I began to attend a large church. Throughout my childhood, I learned about the goodness and the wrath of God. I learned how forgiving, kind, and just He is. However, in my second year of high school, I became distant. Worldly desires, such as sports, became more important than worshipping at Wednesday night youth group. This trend continued until I was 22 years old.

Through the meeting, dating, and eventually marrying my wife, and through convicting conversations with my brother and pastor, God showed me how I was living my life in sin. He showed me all the idols I had created, and how to turn from them and follow Him. In August of 2021, I began seeking fulfillment in Christ through glorifying Him. Since then, Christ Fellowship Northwest has been an immense help surrounding me in a community of believers that point me to Christ daily.

I started to attend CFNW in August of 2021. Shortly after, I joined the Barta MC and met weekly with Hayden Barrett, Samuel Forrester, Isaiah Perry, and Liam Perry for cell group. The small intimate groups have been a blessing in my life since joining CFNW. The in-depth studies of each passage help provide clarity on what can be "hard to understand" scripture. I have had the opportunity to serve on work days at the church building, and on an individual basis providing meals or labor.

Gavin Ballew
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