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Keeley Barrett


As a child, I attended a Pentecostal church with my aunt and uncle. My parents attended when my brothers weren’t playing baseball. During that time of my life, I thought because I attended church that I was a believer. In fourth grade, my family started attending a Baptist church every Sunday and Wednesday. During that time I saw my family’s life start to change. I was learning more about the gospel and started to have a better understanding of it.

I was saved when I was 10 years old. Matt and Emily Purvis were instrumental in sharing the gospel with me. As well as watching my brother Hayden's life completely change, I saw first hand that life-changing salvation was true. This encouraged me to ask questions and learn more. Through the next year I began the process of accepting Christ in my life. I was baptized a year

In middle school, at the same Baptist church, I started attending the youth group. Through those experiences, I began to have a better understanding of the gospel. During 7th grade, our church went through a big split. I lost friends and began to question if I was under false teaching. I didn’t have a clear understanding anymore. Childhood friendships were lost and I was confused on what was true and what was false.

My family started attending CFNW in 2019. I attended the church for 4 years before deciding to become a member. The relationships I built with Mary Crump and other girls in my MC are what led me to that decision. I serve on the nursery team at CFNW. I attend the Barrett MC, where my parents are leaders. CFNW has served me in multiple ways with a healthy church environment, opportunities to serve in the community, and opportunities for missions. I am thankful for the people I have built relationships with, who I can trust to hold me accountable and who are willing to meet with me and help me through the challenges I face daily.

Keeley Barrett
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