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Rachel Forrester


Growing up, I had the great privilege of being raised in a believing home where both of my parents were very active in their local church. I attended North Asheville Baptist Church throughout my childhood, and my family and I were heavy attenders at church, constantly serving in different areas. I was saved and baptized at the age of four, and I still remember the moment that Jesus opened my eyes to the truth of the gospel even at such a young age. My faith became real and personal to me in that moment, and I have been following Jesus ever since. I must credit many of my children’s and youth leaders with helping me learn how to obey all that Jesus commanded us to do. I don’t remember a whole lot about my life before I was saved and following Jesus, but like many of us, my faith journey has been not just a single moment but a lifetime of surrender to Jesus and a continual commitment to follow him.

Over the years, I have continued to grow in my love and commitment to Jesus. As a young Christian, I often struggled with trying to earn God’s favor with academic or social achievements. People-pleasing and fear were also some particular hurdles for me as I grew up and faced different challenges in my life. Because of the great mercy and grace of God, I am prayerfully more focused on serving Jesus with my time and talents and learning how to enjoy my relationship with the Lord and glorify him in all things.

I have been a member at CF Northwest for over a year now but have been attending for almost two years. I was invited by my now fiancé Samuel Forrester and love getting to worship with many of my friends from NGU as well. I love the fact that Christ is proclaimed so boldly at CFNW, and I enjoy serving regularly on our worship team and helping with our children’s ministry. I meet weekly with my cell group and am a member of the Barta MC group. I am incredibly thankful for all the ways that the people of CFNW have encouraged me, checked in on me, and been so welcoming and hospitable. I have learned so much in my time with our church, and I am excited for God to continue to grow us and shape us as his people!

Rachel Forrester
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