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Thanks for Asking: What Does It Mean to Invest in Eternity?

Each week one of our leaders will answer any questions submitted at The Answers will be posted on Fridays in the series "Thanks for Asking."

Question #1

In “The Treasure Principal” Bible Study, on page 11 (lesson 2, question 9) how would you answer this? “This is the Treasure Principal: ‘You can’t take it with you — but you can send it on ahead.’ How can you ‘send it on ahead’?”

Answer from Danny Seay (Pastoral Resident)

I think there are two aspects we need to answer with this question:

  • What are we sending? and

  • How do we send it?

First, the treasure we are storing up for ourselves in heaven shouldn't be understood in relation to material wealth. I grew up with this understanding, that by doing good things here in this life, I was storing up for myself, riches, crowns, and making my "mansion" bigger for when I got to heaven. I don't think that is what Jesus was talking about.

In contrast, the study guide points to two passages that explicitly name the reward, Matt 19:29-30 and Phil 3:7-14. Both of these passages point to eternal life with Christ as the reward that we're striving after. Life with Christ is the true treasure in heaven.

Second, we must ask, "How do we 'send it on' to heaven?" so that we obtain this treasure? Ultimately it is christ who secures this for us; however, we have been called to live lives of faith in complete obedience to his commands. We must join the disciples and Paul in sacrificially following Christ for God's glory and the good of others in every area of our lives.

What does this look like? If I'm doing this successfully, I am investing my time, energy and resources into the advancement of the kingdom in every aspect of my life. I will serve and give sacrificially with eternal life in view. Doing so will give me more joy than anything in this temporary life ever could.

I am encouraged to see so many within our church investing highly in the kingdom. May we continue to remember Jesus is our true reward, and may we be careful not to let any area of our live escape the service of the kingdom.

- Danny Seay

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